Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! CCWN has lots of new speakers and great activities lined up for 2022! We are back to meeting in person at the Round Table Pizza in Angels Camp on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Thank you to all who joined or renewed. The membership directory has been updated to reflect ALL current members. If you missed the discounted price, remember that membership is still a bargain at $30. Return on investment is high. We are especially excited about the monthly showcase that allows a member to set up a table to promote their business. I am looking forward to a great new year in 2022. See you all soon.

Benefits of membership:

  • A business listing in the member directory.
  • An opportunity to be a Showcase Presenter at one of our 12 Monthly meetings.
  • Monthly networking meetings and learn valuable business information.
  • Opportunity to display literature and products at the monthly meetings.
  • Develop relationships with other professionals.

Great Presentation at August Meeting

Dr. Chris Draper, director of Performing Animals Welfare Society (PAWS), gave a moving presentation about how his organization is dedicated to rescuing animals from zoos and, performing animal venus. It was interesting to learn that the wild counterparts of these animals do not have the ailments of the rescued animals. The primary component of poor health is stress and confinement. Elephants especially suffer greatly when removed from their social group and the environment that they are perfectly adapted to thrive in.

We’re Back and We Couldn’t be More Excited!

Director of PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society)

Our speaker this month is Dr. Chris Draper, Director at Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) located in Angels Camp, CA. He will share with us the wonderful stories of the exotic performing animals he has saved. You may even want to see them for yourself after. Watching his multimedia presentation.

Come join us on Tuesday, August 24th at 5:30 pm. We will meet at Round Table Pizza in Angels Camp. Face to Face. The address is 27 N. Main St., Angels Camp. Right next door to Starbucks. See you then!